HAMAKUYA “the place of Makuya”



HaMakuya consists of 21 villages nestled along the border of Kruger National Park, about 300 miles northeast of Johannesburg, and just 24 miles south of the Zimbabwe border.


Venda or ‘Tshivenda’ is a Bantu language and is the smallest of South Africa’s eleven official languages.  This language is spoken by the Venda people concentrated in the northern Limpopo Province, including HaMakuya! 


Learn Venda!

Hello- ♀Aa /♂ Ndaa

Morning- Ndi Matseloni

Afternoon- Ndi masiari

Good evening- Ndi madekwana

How are you? Vho vuwa hani?

Thank you- Ro livhuwa / Ndo livhuwa