July 2019

“The biggest key to helping solve issues abroad is listening

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January 2019

“As the students discussed these various lessons and the conservation practices they observed, they wanted to determine how they could generate change that was different from the ways they had already learned about. This led to the creation of the non-profit Pivotal Places”

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May 2018

“HaMakuya, a group of 21 villages nestled in the north eastern corner of South Africa, face set of common challenges. These communities remain marginalised. Their situation hasn’t improved since the end of apartheid.”

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November 2018

“We want students to experience the balance between people and conservation, and co-create futures in which both biodiversity and humans can thrive.”

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December 2018

“During my time in Africa, I witnessed first hand the power of community-based conservation solutions to problems of ecological, social, and economic health generally, and especially through the amazing Black Mambas anti-poaching unit.”

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