Communities and Conservation- Study Abroad in South Africa


communities and conservation

WHAT:  This summer CSU faculty-led program takes you into the wildest areas of savannah South Africa to work with and learn from rural community members. The 6 credit Ecosystem Science and Sustainability course will offer insights into the innovative forms of community-based natural resource management emerging in South Africa.

WHEN: June 10 - July 2, 2019

WHERE: Located in northern South Africa, the program will take place in relatively remote rural areas in and bordering Kruger National Park.  Districts and villages to be visited include the Wits Rural Facility in Acornhoek, Shingwedzi Research Camp in Krugar National Park, HaMakuya, and Makalali.  HaMakuya ("the place of Makuya") is notable both because of the strength of its community organisation, and for the substantial contradictions it experiences relating to poverty, refugees from neighboring Mozambique and Zimbabwe, and the proximity of the vast Kruger National Park, South Africa's largest wilderness area.

PROGRAM LEADERS: Dr. Melissa McHale, Associate Professor, Ecosystem Science and Sustainability, and Dr. David Bunn, Senior Scientist, Natural Resource Ecology Lab at Colorado State University.


This program is not currently accepting applications